The devastating floods in Pakistan.

33 million people have been affected by the devastating floods in Pakistan and the number may increase as the length and breadth of the country continued to reel from the destruction caused by torrential rain and deluge. Water is a basic necessity,  Millions of people in Pakistan have limited or no access to potable water. We know that a lack of access to clean water leads to many health related issues,  For Swiss Green Projects one of our goals is to help procure and provide water facilities to people in need.The integrality of your financial support will be entirely devoted to buy primary necessity products which will be distributed directly by SGP volunteers to local affected communities.


Swiss Green Projects distributes basic necessities (food, water and milk, hygiene products and masks) to local population and provides material support to schools and orphanages in the region. Your donations will improve the living conditions of vulnerable people in the Camarines Norte region while giving students and orphans a better chance of access to education and local economic development.


Swiss Green Projects has developed, with the support of local authorities, innovative approaches to water distribution, so that low-income populations who do not have access to drinking water can benefit from them. Your donations will help install water filtration machines that can filter up to 10,000 liters of water daily, including 4,000 of clean drinking water, and 6,000 liters of clean water per day (for human cleaning consumption, including for COVID-19 cleaning hands purposes). The population will have not only access to drinking water, but SGP will also create jobs to favor the employment of women.


The Citarum River is the longest river on the island of Java and also one of the most polluted in the world. Waste from many industries is poured into it contaminating the water, including fluorine, lead, arsenic or iron, which cause health problems such as poor brain development in children, hypertension or dysentery. The populations living along the river are particularly affected by this pollution. Swiss Green Projects will implement technologies based on waste sorting, recovery and transformation, in particular through the pyrolysis system but also the installation of water filtration machines which would provide drinking water to an affordable price to these populations.

How Donations Are Used ?

By donating you are contributing in the realisation of green projects to help children, adults and elderly in the South East Asian area.

Specifically to,

  • Distribute filtered drinking water to disadvantaged populations

  • Create local jobs for the proper operation and maintenance of filtration equipment

  • Help street children

  • Offer “pyrolysis technology” to provide sustainable recycling solutions to plastics’’ and worn tires’ waste through the use of “pyrolysis technology” machines

  • Take children out of forced labor, carrying out ardous and dangerous work

  • Provide adequate basic food education and access to safe drinking water.

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