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The quality of health goes with the access to clean and safe drinking water. Our main projects consist on the implementation of water filtration machines in order to distribute filtered drinking water to disadvantaged populations.


We work to help children and the elderly in difficulty. Taking children out of labor is essential to give a chance and a change to their lives. Education and creation of local jobs is also part of our work.


Reforestation to preserve the biodiversity and nature with specific projects such as replanting trees with local species. Sustainable agriculture to train farmers to practice sustainable agriculture.

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About SGP

Swiss Green Projects (SGP) is a Geneva-based Swiss Active Non-Governmental Organization (NGO in Geneva) having its activities, namely in SAAR (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) and ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) countries with main focus in Pakistan, Indonesia, as well as in the Philippines. Its current activities are mainly funded by philanthropic foundations, as well as public and private donations.

Officially, Swiss Green Project was established in Geneva, Switzerland, on February 6 2019. However, the members of the current Committee of SGP have been already involved in several important “humanitarian projects” since 2005, namely:

  • in the organization of a badminton tournament in favor of a project for the creation of an orphanage in Aceh, after the terrible Tsunami of December 2004), which devastated the Aceh region with more than 200’000 casualties. This tournament enabled the fundraising of CHF 36’000 for the creation in 2005 of a small orphanage for the children who lost their parents.
    Tribune de Genève” dated of January 18 2006
  • within the framework of the Badminton Club Genève, with the organization of two charities events called  “SOLIBAD : One Night with Stars” were organized in 2011 and 2013, with the presence of the best badminton world players, and the support of the United Nations Office Geneva, the City of Geneva, as well as its Sports and Culture Department.
    (Badminton Club Genève)

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Despite the pandemic, we continue to develop our.projects Discover here our latest !


INDONESIA In February 2020 Donation by the World Economic Forum ( 25 laptops to 6 secondary schools in the Bekasi Regency (Indonesia) In April 2019 SGP has just signed, a...


« Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. »
– Helen Keller
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Distribute filtered drinking water

to disadvantaged populations.

Create local jobs

for the proper operation and maintenance of filtration equipment.

Help street children

For a better futur.

Offer "pyrolysis technology"

to provide sustainable recycling solutions to plastics’’ and worn tires’ waste through the use of “pyrolysis technology” machines.

Take children out of forced labor

carrying out ardous and dangerous work.

Provide adequate

basic food education and access to safe drinking water.

To face these challenges, Swiss Green Projects, with its partners, has not only successfully developed a technical and sustainable solution with a Swiss made machine capable of filtering nearly 4’000 liters of drinking water per day (approved and certified by the World Health Organization and working with solar energy, compact and easy to transport), but also provided water purification and job creation programs in several countries (Pakistan, Indonesia and the Philippines).



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