• In May 2020, Covid-19-City of Mercedes

New donations of basic necessities from SGP in Mercedes (Camarines Norte, Philippines) for Elderly and Person with Disability.
A huge thanks to our volunteer Mr. Erjon Grobates and his group D.A.T.U who take risks and help people in need on the ground. The smiles of the people involved warm our hearts and encourage us all the more to continue.

  • In May 2020, Covid-19-City of Labo

SGP help elderly people by giving them basic necessities in the context of action on Covid 19 pandemic relief operations in Labo, Philippines. Thank you to our volunteer,  Harold Reyes, Monette Gomez, Pio, Norma Racelis, Aikalyn & Darvin  for repacking and distribution of relief packs. Special thank you to our friends Josephine Butic, Lourdes Villaflores.

  • In April 7, 2020 Covid-19

In the City of Mercedes, distribution of masks to polices forces, border guards, baranguay officials in charge of ensuring the quarantine facilities.

  • In February 2020

SGP received a new request from the Municipality of Mercedes (Mercedes,_Camarines_Norte) to provide Swiss made filtering machines to their communities in the same model that has been delivered in the Municipality of Labo (see below for the details).

  • In October 28, 2019

SGP invited to make a presentation on the benefits of the Swiss made filtering machine at the local Parliament of the Municipality of Labo (Labo_Camarines_Norte), in presence of its Honorable Members  which is unfortunately known for having the highest rate of malnutrition an child mortality due to the challenges of hunger and illness in the Philippines.

A Memorandum of Agreement was signed between the Municipality of Labo and SGP to provide the Municipality of Labo with 52 units of Swiss filtered drinking water machines that will be installed at the 52 Barangays (districts) of Labo, in the Province of Camarines Norte.
Within the framework of this project, and in line with the United Nations Sustainable Goal Number 6 (to ensure access for all to sustainably  managed water and sanitation services), SGP has committed to create local jobs in hiring local women to handle the distribution of potable water to poor communities, as well as for the maintenance of the machines.
In reason of the current pandemic COVID-19, the installation of these 52 machines will take place during the years 2020/2021.

Jasmin Racelis in parliament of the municipality of Labo.

  • In October 28, 2019

Support to school event program : SGP provided financial support for facilitating the school program at the Primary School of Linggo ng wika, in the Province of Camarines Norte.

  • In May 2019

Financial support in the preparation of the opening of a new elementary school SGP organized activities at the E’Obmana Elementary School at the City of Brigada Eskwela, during which parents, kids, as well as the teachers participated in the cleaning and preparation of the premises of the new Elementary School.
SGP provided financial support to buy the paintings, food and school supply for the kids (for the school year 2019-2020).

  • In April 2019

Feeding program activities at the City of San Roque, in the region of Mercedes Camarines Norte.
Food, drinks and some gifts were given to more than 70 kids and parents.
Mercedes Camarines Norte has a higher rate of malnutrition and child mortality due to hunger and illness.

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